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Jan Henriksen

Jan Henriksen is CEO of poultry genetics company Aviagen



Breeding poultry sustainability for the planet

Today’s birds, through more efficient feed conversion, are playing their part in helping to protect the planet.

Modern poultry breeds require fewer resources than their recent predecessors, meaning that they are well-positioned to satisfy growing demand for meat, while placing a smaller burden on the environment.

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Poultry – Caring for people is our business

The breeding industry is playing an increasingly important role in building sustainable communities around the world.

The relationships built by breeding companies around the globe help to foster communities, both directly and indirectly, and make them more sustainable.

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Poultry welfare is simply good business

Healthy, robust birds well-suited to the conditions they are reared not only enjoy higher welfare, but provide good returns.

The poultry industry has long known that good welfare makes good business sense; this concern extends back to how breeds are selected.

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COVID-19: Gateway to a new era in poultry production

The poultry sector may be surviving the pandemic relatively well, but by working together and embracing new opportunities it could emerge far stronger.
Through working together and embracing change, the global poultry industry should emerge stronger into the post-COVID-19 world.
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Jan Henriksen

The poultry sector must act together to beat COVID-19

Concerted action is needed if the poultry industry is to overcome the obstacles presented by the novel coronavirus and ensure continued supplies of animal protein.
COVID-19 has interrupted supply chains across sectors but by working together the poultry industry can overcome current difficulties and continue to supply affordable animal protein.
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5 sustainable development goals for poultry producers

The poultry industry is well positioned to help accomplish the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals promising to transform societies, environments for the better.
The poultry industry is in a particularly strong position to support sustainable development around the world, and is well positioned to work with the United Nations’ 15-year initiative, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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