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VIDEO: Employee education opportunity in egg quality, food safety

A new virtual educational opportunity, Shell Egg Academy, is designed to be a hands-on experience that offers insight on egg quality and food safety for egg farmers and employees.
A new virtual educational opportunity is designed to be a hands-on experience that offers insight on egg quality and food safety for egg farmers and employees.
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Egg-laying needs study finds chances to educate employees

This will allow poultry extension and industry members to better analyze and create training methods for poultry farm employees in areas where improvement is desired.

The 2019 National Egg Laying Industry Needs Assessment surveyed egg farmers on topics related to current employee education, undergraduate education and research needs. This would allow university poultry extension faculty and industry members to better identify and create training programs for poultry farm employees.

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AEB highlights First Lady's commemorative egg, producer donations

The 2021 First Lady's Commemorative Egg was unveiled along with a historic pledge by America's egg farmers to donate more than 90 million eggs this year as part of egg producers' long-standing dedication to proving eggs for holidays and those in need.

AEB highlights Easter traditions still taking place despite pandemic, while other traditions are not. 

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US egg carton shortage has subsided

The panic buying that was triggered a year ago by the pandemic, is no longer a factor.

The U.S. egg carton shortage that started as a result of the pandemic has improved and producers shouldn't have any issues with Easter packaging. 

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6 reasons for starve-outs and yolk infections in chicks

Veterinarian shares views on ways production methods lead to starve-outs and yolk infections during the first week of a chick's life
Starve-outs and yolk infections of chicks during the first week continue to be of moderate importance, indicating there is still work to be done in breeder hatch egg sanitation, hatchery and brooding management.
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Foodservice will see a significant rebound soon

Lower COVID-19 cases, an increase in vaccinations and warmer weather will allow foodservice to bounce back in the coming months
When summer ends and fall begins, I don't think the foodservice sector will take the hit it did in colder months since the start of the pandemic.
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