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Need a good laugh? Check out AEB's holiday campaign

The campaign offers a type of good clean humor we can all appreciate after a year like 2020
The American Egg Board's "The Gift of Eggs" campaign includes the type of innocent and fun humor everyone needed in a year that has been full of hardship and arguments.
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New dietary guidelines, COVID-19 driving egg marketing

AEB’s new president and CEO explains how new dietary guidelines and their introduction are leveraged in marketing campaigns to boost egg consumption.
Egg marketing is always important and perhaps even more important as new recommendations related to eggs have surfaced and the pandemic continues to create havoc for some.
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NestFresh emphasizes sustainability with non-GMO eggs

Colorado-based company works to provide consumers with eggs that are certified cage free, free range, humanely treated and non-GMO.
NestFresh works with more than 60 family farms in about 12 states to produce eggs in a flexible, sustainable system that also helps the livelihood of small farmers and those farmers' abilities to support their local economy and community.
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Brock Peterson

VIDEO: Tips for managing a layer operation during COVID-19

Communication is critical in helping employees work through a pandemic
The former President of Opal Foods and a current consultant in the agriculture industry, speaks about what it was like managing approximately 400 employees and almost 10 million layers, spread among three different states during a pandemic.
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QSR breakfast burgers could increase egg sales

Quick service restaurants like McDonald's do not offer a burger with an egg on it, but they along with the egg producer could benefit from the additional menu item.
The American Egg Board (AEB) introduced a new social marketing campaign in July called #WEGGSDAY. The idea behind the campaign is to increase the usage and consumption of eggs mid-week among current egg consumers.
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