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Dr. E. Ernest Pierson

Dr. E. Ernest Pierson’s is professionally focused on the introduction of technical feed additives and their market development in the animal feed market. During his career, he has participated in the launch of liquid methionine activity, feed enzymes, direct fed microbials, and plant extracts into animal feeds worldwide. He earned degrees from the University of Arizona (B.S.), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (M.S.), and Auburn University (Ph.D.).



Improve broiler, layer bone strength with magnesium oxide

Recent research explores the value of mineral supplementation in today’s high-performing strains of broilers, layers
High-performing poultry have heightened mineral and nutritional requirements. Recent studies have shown improvements across various performance indices in egg and meat strains fed diets with and without phytase by adding 2 pounds of a bioavailable (reactive) magnesium source per ton of feed. The key to higher MgO bioavailability is its reactivity.
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