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Dianna Bourassa

Dr. Dianna Bourassa is an Assistant Professor of Poultry Science at Auburn University specializing in poultry processing.



Broiler respiratory tracts: a route for Salmonella?

Dust inside the growout house should be considered as a potential Salmonella transmission route.
Salmonella is a persistent food safety risk the poultry industry is trying to control in every step from hatching to processing. One potential infection route worth considering is the airborne route.
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Costs, benefits of controlled atmosphere stunning

Controlled atmosphere stunning is more expensive than electrical stunning, but it carries animal welfare and potential marketing benefits.
The majority of broilers in the U.S. are stunned by the use of electrical current, however, this may be changing. There is movement towards controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) which is being driven by a perceived animal welfare improvement.
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