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Articles by Jerry Dreyer

Sanovo egg washing

How egg sanitation, grading advances improve safety

Advances in egg washing and grading equipment have been designed to enhance the safety and quality of eggs by employing new technologies and being easy to clean and sanitize.
New egg washing and grading systems that employ ultraviolet light, lasers and machine-learning enhance egg safety and quality.
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Heat exchanger in snow

Heat exchangers may be right for cage-free layer houses

The reduced housing density and litter areas that are part of cage-free housing might make heat exchangers a practical component of an air handling system for maintaining good air quality and temperature in wintertime.
Cage-free layer houses provide more room per hen than do cage houses. Learn how a heat exchanger can be used to transfer heat from exhaust air to incoming air during winter months to reduce heating costs and maintain good air quality for cage-free houses.
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Hen temperature 30 seconds before spray

Tackling cage-free layer housing air quality challenges

Giving laying hens access to a litter area for dustbathing, scratching and foraging helps minimize aggressive behavior, but it can result in dust and ammonia problems.
Recent studies have shown that cage-free housing results in six to nine times higher dust in the house environment than cage systems with manure belts.
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Cage free brown pullets on litter

Disease challenges of cage-free egg production

Disease and emerging pathogens present cage-free egg producers with challenges that may require changes in operational practices.
A survey of the Association of Veterinarians in Egg Production presented by Dr. Eric Gingerich gave interesting insights into the issues facing producers of cage-free eggs.
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