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Cindy A. Burgos Alvarado

Cindy Burgos Alvarado is associate editor of Industria Avícola. To contact Burgos Alvarado, email



Brazil is ready to cover meat deficit in the US

While the United States is facing a wave of meat processing plant closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies like JBS declare themselves ready to address the deficit.
At the time when the United States has a warning about a possible deficiency of animal protein due to the closure of more than 20 meat and poultry processing plants because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Brazilian companies have taken advantage of the situation to say they are ready to cover that demand.
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Puerto Rico struggles to continue with cockfights

Cockfights will be illegal in all U.S. territories from Dec. 20, following a federal ban, but Puerto Rican political leaders demand that it should not come into effect.
“This is an industry that represents more than $18 million in our economy and also more than 27,000 direct and indirect jobs on the island,” said Puerto Rican Congresswoman Jenniffer González.
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Mexico will allow imported table eggs to be washed

The Mexican government will now allow importers and producers to wash table eggs following certain requirements in the process.
Mexico announced modifications were made to the sanitary norms and regulations related to eggs and their products to allow the producers, importers and marketers of table eggs to wash them before they reach the consumer.
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veterinarian monitoring pigs 1602

ASF could open opportunities for Spain in China

With the loss of millions of pigs in China because of the ASF, the Spaniards could increase their exports to this market, although they remain alert to the danger.
Although there’s a concern in Spain about the ASF outbreak in China, it also represents the possibility of expanding to a market that loves pork.
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Peru: Largest chicken consumer in Latin America

Meanwhile, the largest per capita consumption of eggs in the region are Mexicans, with 374 units per person.
Peru surpassed Argentina, which in 2016 had the largest per capita consumption of chicken meat. Most of the Latin American countries had increases in their consumption, but Venezuela had the biggest drop.
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Paraguay: Biggest growth in broiler production in 5 years

According to figures from 18 Latin American countries, Paraguay had the greatest growth in broiler chicken production from 2013 to 2017, while Uruguay had the biggest growth from 2016 to 2017.
With a 26.2 percent, Paraguay was the country with the biggest growth in broiler production in Latin America, followed by Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.
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¿Cómo será el pollo de engorde de 2025?

A través de los años, los desarrollos genéticos han logrado un pollo de engorde más pesado, con mejor rendimiento de pechuga y con mayor eficiencia en términos de conversión. ¿Seguirá dicha tendencia?
Los pollos de engorde actuales son demasiado buenos genéticamente hablando. A través de los años, los desarrollos genéticos han logrado más pesos y eficiencia, pero ¿seguirá dicha tendencia?
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