News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

Vincent Guyonnet

Vincent Guyonnet, DVM, Ph.D., is a consultant to the poultry sector with a focus on international development.



Egg producers need more sustainability guidance

Egg production is the most environmentally sustainable form of animal protein, but a broader and deeper understanding of production methods would help even more.
The egg sector has a strong record in environmental sustainability, but a clearer understanding of management impacts could further improve its performance.
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Modern egg farming practices shield human health

Modern farming practices help to protect birds, producers and consumers and their rejection would increase the likelihood of the emergence of new diseases.
Modern farming practices help to protect us from zoonoses such as the novel coronavirus, and are not the reason behind its jump to humans.
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How the egg industry can grow its appeal to Gen Z

Eggs already score highly from environmental and sustainability perspectives, but greater alignment with new consumer trends could help to foster new loyalties.
Research in the egg sector needs to focus on if the industry can align itself further with the demanding group of consumers that is Generation Z.
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Indian egg production, consumption to keep rising

Egg production and consumption have increased rapidly over the last decade, but there remains scope for significantly more expansion
Egg consumption and production levels have risen dramatically in India, and with a strongly-growing economy, there is still much potential for further growth.
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Egg sector must play greater role in consumer education

If the egg industry fails to play a stronger role in consumer education, we will all pay a price for well-intended, but misguided, changes in consumer behaviors.
Without better education from the egg sector, today's consumers may fail to recognize the very food that offers them exactly what they are looking for.
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Marketing poultry products to younger generations

Consumers’ food-buying decisions are changing rapidly, and chicken and egg producers that fail to act on these changes do so at their own peril.
Marketing poultry and egg products to younger generations requires a more tailored approach unimaginable in the past. This offers great opportunities for producers, but this change brings risks for those who fail to engage.
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