News and analysis on the global poultry
and animal feed industries.

Articles by Vincent Guyonnet

Marketing poultry products to younger generations

Consumers’ food-buying decisions are changing rapidly, and chicken and egg producers that fail to act on these changes do so at their own peril.
Marketing poultry and egg products to younger generations requires a more tailored approach unimaginable in the past. This offers great opportunities for producers, but this change brings risks for those who fail to engage.
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Big data: connecting the chicken and the egg

Adoption of the internet of things by the egg industry will unleash a wealth of information and faster, more accurate management, benefiting producers and consumers.
With the application of new precision management technologies, the egg industry will see productivity rise, while consumers will enjoy greater transparency.
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Is it time to reconsider caging laying hens?

Consumer beliefs that cage-free egg production automatically leads to higher layer welfare do not stand up to scrutiny.
Choosing the right housing system for laying hens must consider a variety of demands, and cages may be the best option when considering competing concerns.
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How the egg sector supports Sustainable Development Goals

From improving nutrition to raising incomes and slowing climate change, egg production can help to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in a variety of ways.
Egg producers around the world are playing an important role in achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals, from slowing climate change to alleviating poverty.
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Eggs provide poverty alleviation in developing countries

Eggs offer a lot more than simply a source of protein; they can play a role in child development and poverty alleviation.
The easily digestible protein found in eggs, the potential egg farming offers in poverty alleviation, and egg production’s small environmental footprint make this food anything but humble.
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