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Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan, executive director at LEAP Market Analytics and instructor of agricultural economics at Arkansas State University. Reach Jordan via email:


Wet spring sparks fear of a feed cost spike

Heavy rain and flooding resulted in unprecedented planting delays. With yield prospects also dimming, grain buyers are concerned about a potentially underwhelming harvest.
Feed costs, recently subdued, may threaten poultry companies again in 2019.
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Heavy birds reshape industry’s cost and price dynamics

Average broiler weights at slaughter have increased 45 percent in the past 30 years, wholesale chicken prices declined 57 percent during the same time period.
Broiler sizes are steadily increasing due to efficiencies created by increased weight, but will that trend continue in the future?
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US broiler industry faces uncertain trade future

Protections trade rhetoric paired with constantly shifting trade alliances creates uncertainty about the size and role of trade for the broiler industry.
A decade ago, few people would have predicted Cuba and Angola – with a combined population about the size of California – becoming two of the top three foreign destinations for U.S. broiler meat in 2017.
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Domestic supply gains raise concern for broiler industry

If US production of beef, pork and chicken continues to outpace what can be absorbed by the export channel and through population growth, domestic per capita supplies of red meat and poultry could soon reach new heights.
Hardship and frustration is giving way to swelling optimism in the U.S. broiler industry.
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