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Scott Carter

Dr. Scott Carter is an animal health and nutrition expert with over 20 years of experience in the application of new nutritional health technologies for livestock. Connect with Dr. Carter via linkedin at:



Why cooperation is key in the poultry microbiome

Cooperation within the microbiome and with the host greatly affects bird health, and we now beginning to understand just how important this activity is.
The poultry microbiome is not simply a collection of individual, isolated microbes, rather they work together, but this may not always be positive.
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Understanding the entire poultry gut microbiome

There is more to the poultry gut microbiome than simply bacteria, its lesser-known components could offer new routes to improve poultry welfare and performance
Increasing knowledge of the viral and fungal members of the poultry microbiome not only increases our understanding of their impact on chicken health and nutrition but opens the doors to new product development.
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When using probiotics, timing is everything

Deriving the maximum benefit from probiotics is dependent on ensuring that they reach a chicken’s gut at specific periods in its development.
Administering probiotics at key points in chicken's development may help to ensure consistency of results.
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Is inflammation control key to antibiotic-free poultry?

Managing inflammation will be increasingly important for successful antibiotic-free poultry production, but more work is needed to ensure interventions are correctly chosen.
Better and quicker diagnosis of gut inflammation is needed if antibiotic-free poultry production is to gain maximum benefit from its control.
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Can big data make sense of the poultry industry?

The expectations for big data in the poultry industry are high, but questions surrounding its use remain unanswered.
Egg producers around the world are playing an important role in achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals, from slowing climate change to alleviating poverty.
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