News and analysis on the global poultry
and animal feed industries.

Kacey Culliney

Kacey Culliney is an experienced B2B multimedia journalist, passionate about how food fits into the global picture and how industry tackles major problems like climate change, malnutrition and economic crises.



EU drought continues to strain feed, livestock industries

As Europe reels from this summer's extreme drought, many feed producers have been forced to find alternative raw material sources.
The European drought has hit wheat hard, forcing feed manufacturers to consider alternative raw materials. In the short-term, the market will remain tight, but experts say corn imports and sunflower seed husks, among others, offer options.
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Sustainable soy requires collaboration, public pressure

Truly sustainable soy production will become a reality made possible by a mix of feed industry dialogue, consumer pressure and time
Just 2 percent of soy is certified sustainable, and mass integration is a way off, but it is achievable with the right farm-to-fork dialogue, government engagement and, of course, time.
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