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Mary Jo Davis

Mary Jo Davis is a consultant with over 25 years in the animal health industry.



How to optimize broiler house lighting

There are numerous benefits that can be gained from a well-designed and carefully implemented lighting program for broiler flocks.

Managing the light and dark periods in the broiler house is far from being as simple as flicking a switch – various aspects must be considered if birds are to fully benefit.

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8 steps to optimize broiler flock density

Follow these guidelines to maintain the balance between bird welfare and profitability.

Broiler house stocking density is becoming an increasingly controversial issue in poultry welfare. However, reducing the number of birds within a given space can impact the financial viability of an operation. The key is understanding the true space needs of poultry.

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How to control late-stage broiler mortality

Targeted monitoring and controlling broiler house conditions help to ensure that losses are kept to a minimum.

Minimizing mortality towards the end of the grow-out cycle is essential to protect flocks and investment. Learn which are the important steps to follow.

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How to optimize receipt of eggs at the hatchery

Following these key checks will ensure that only the best eggs are allowed into the hatchery.
If hatcheries are to produce the best quality eggs, they must only hatch the best quality eggs. Learn how to decide which eggs enter the hatchery and which should be rejected.
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How the FSIS regulates new technology

Novel products are already improving the safety of poultry products.

Poultry processing plants may soon evaluate new technologies for their food safety program. Using a new technology, however, requires an understanding of the federal regulatory process. 

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How to control early chick mortality in the broiler house

Broiler mortality usually peaks 3-4 days after placement but with the proper care and attention, growers can keep the number of lost chicks low.
Keeping early chick mortality starts with only accepting good quality chicks, but there are numerous factors that can aid in ensuring chick survival.
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