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Anne-Marie Roerink

Anne-Marie Roerink is the President of 210 Analytics LLC.



April meat retail sales stabilize as COVID concerns subside

Demand is still above normal, however well below the numbers seen at the height of the pandemic.
Meat department sales spiked 35.4% above year ago levels in April 2020, creating a tough year-over-year target. That means, when going up against those sales spikes, meat dropped further behind year-ago levels than other perimeter departments, including produce, deli and bakery.
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Meat department starts off 2021 with accelerated gains

The COVID-19 global pandemic is expected to have a major impact on consumer habits for the foreseeable future.
While early on in the pandemic many shoppers started out indulging in traditional and “comfort food” choices, January kicked off with New Year’s resolutions for 64% of shoppers. For meat, this means the consumer’s eye is on nutrition as well as price and promotion.
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Meat department closes out 2020 nearly 20% above 2019 levels

COVID-19 continues to affect consumer retail spending.
In 2020, overall meat dollar sales increased 18.4% and volume sales grew 10.3% versus the same period last year. This translates into an additional $12.7 billion in meat department sales during the pandemic, which includes an astounding additional $5.7 billion for beef, $1.6 billion for chicken and $1.1 billion for pork than during the same period in 2019.
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