News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

Luis Romero

Luis Romero is the managing director of anh-innovation, a consultancy specializing in innovation strategy and new product development in animal nutrition and health



The next phase of the poultry nutritional health market

The range of poultry nutritional health productions has grown significantly over the last two decades, but it will be their precise application that will really change producers’ fortunes.

The next stage of the market for poultry nutritional health products will not be characterized by more products but by their precise application.

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Redefining product testing in the poultry industry

New developments in product testing will facilitate the use of exactly the right product at precisely the right time to improve productivity.

Learn how the latest developments in product testing will help poultry producers implement solutions that truly add value to production.

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Building anti–fragility into poultry production

Successful poultry companies will be those that can overcome and gain from shocks, establishing a more robust future.

Removing fragility from poultry production does not mean simply resisting shocks, rather it means that companies not only overcome challenges but emerge from them stronger.

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Cutting ABs in poultry production fostering innovation

Different countries are at different stages in their journey to antibiotic-free poultry production or production with prudent use, but common to all are new ways of working and flock management.
Adoption of prudent use and antibiotic free poultry production is progressing at varying speeds around the world and bringing with it new approaches to protecting poultry gut health.
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How omics are offering poultry feed additives new life

The application of omics to poultry feed additives will deliver new ways of giving birds precisely what they need to maximize performance.
Advances in the field of omics, and their application to poultry nutrition, should help to ensure the far more efficient and targeted use of feed additives.
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Precision nutrition: What will it really look like?

There remains a lot of uncertainty around precision nutrition in the poultry industry but what is certain is that producers who ignore it risk falling badly behind
The promises of precision nutrition would appear to offer huge gains for poultry producers. Learn what may be the best strategy for keeping abreast of fast changing developments.
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