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Last thoughts from EuroTier

November 13, 2014

My feet hurt, my throat is sore and I ate too much, but I am definitely coming back to EuroTier in 2016. This has been the best show I have visited for a long time now. I am returning home with lots of new contacts, good memories with old friends and, most importantly, three new customers for my consulting business, not to mention a new order for testing my piglet feeds. As for Pig International, I have had the honor to be the editor for a couple of years now, and I was thrilled by the warm reception and the praise for the new focus on know-how. And I have now filled all the pages of Pig International with great editorial content for all of 2015!

The show, of course, is of Olympic dimensions. Good place for burning calories! I did not manage to see everything or everyone I wanted to visit with, but still, I am happy for a very good investment of time and money. Speaking of money, one further bit of advice. Be warned; taxi meters in Germany run faster than taxis -- but the service is exceptional, which in Germany is taken for granted.





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