In exactly two weeks from now on November 15, EuroTier 2016 will open its doors in Hanover, Germany. And again, I will be there. Perhaps there are better shows than EuroTier, but I have yet to visit them. So far, this event is the ideal focal point for all my activities worldwide. Not only does it encompass all species, ingredients, additives, services, publications and any kind of product, but it is also the hub for innovation worldwide.

Lamentably, at the last two shows I was unable to walk the floors as much as I intended. Talking with contacts, customers and acquaintances took the majority of my time — and time flies fast when you are busy. Of course, attending seminars has always been out of the question as they demand premium time that is just not there! But, this year, I am making it a priority to just walk around and get to know what is going on — there are always new and old things to find out.

There are two special events for me this year, as well. First comes an event organized by WATT Global Media about the future of pig and poultry production in Europe regarding consumer demands and policy makers. It will be on Wednesday afternoon. The second, more personal event is the unveiling of my new book on piglet nutrition. I will say no more, but watch out for it!

Finally, and this is a personal request, I want to find out more about pig production in Austria. I desperately need a good reason to visit Vienna more often. Not only it is a magnificent city full of history, but I also just learned that the waiting list for the New Year’s Philharmonic performance is only just over 100 years long, so there is still hope. But, I daydream!

See you in two weeks in Hanover!