There are three main means of mass communication and receiving information. One is from printed matter, which although is declining, retains its appeal and usefulness, albeit having had a difficult adaptation period. The second is through internet portals, such as this one. Whereas the number of printed outlets is declining — in quantity as quality increases — the opposite is true for internet outlets. Everyone wants to have a website (and kudos to them) or a digital magazine, a forum or just a blog (I can be blamed for any and all of the above). Finally, there is the good, old personal touch of going to a scientific, technical or just commercial meeting, which seemed to be going for the history books, but apparently there is a strong comeback. We see, not more, but better, international (and some local) meetings/events that take place on a regular basis, attracting both numbers and quality in terms of attendance. 

I would encourage all of us to focus and reward those who offer us value through sharing their knowledge.

Why does being personal matter? First, let me say that personal can be a blog or anything that is digital, printed or communicated orally. I recall many years ago reading in the introduction of a book that there are many who will summarize many aspects of any scientific or technical field, but few who will draw any conclusions and sign them with their name. Taking responsibility today remains as difficult as when Samurais ruled Japan — and, it will always remain the same. This is why we value those who dare offer a “personal” take of what they understand to be correct, true and right regarding an issue or problem in our or any field. Those who succeed more times than fail become legends; the rest perish, hence why so few consultants make any kind of decent living in any profession! 

So, to start another round of blogs for 2018, I would encourage all of us to focus and reward those who offer us value through sharing their knowledge and good-natured advice, not only in our professional lives, but even in our personal lives. 

Happy New Year!