Imagine that the African swine fever (ASF) virus gets out of control.

It already is, but for the sake of this discussion, let us assume measures are taken to control it, although some remain skeptical about the whole business. So, for real or business reasons it is decided to use ASF as a reason or excuse to ban imports of feed ingredients from regions that cannot guarantee such products are free of any risk in transmitting this disease. We need here to keep in mind that the worst-case scenario of ASF virus spread happens right now in the region where we source many of our vital, and others not so, ingredients – especially micronutrients and additives.

So, if there is a lack of said feed ingredients in the market – simply because we do not have an alternate source or such sources prove inadequate – what will happen? Do we have alternative solutions? Is there a plan B to replace such feed components or offer animals an alternative diet based on different ingredients? Do we know how animal performance will be affected and are we prepared to find the best solution so that our business remains alive during such a far-fetched but not impossible catastrophic scenario?

The army, major organizations and many businesses have such plans or scenarios already played out and they are ready to win or at least survive a crisis. Well, not really if one considers the last global financial crisis, but they should have had planned for it. So, if we as animal and feed producers are faced with the possibility of having some ingredients removed from our reach, are we prepared for it?

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