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Animal Nutrition Views

Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., gives his views on poultry, pig and dairy nutrition based on his experience as a nutrition consultant with clients around the world.

Why large farms do not buy many animal feed additives

Or, why nutrition suppliers fail to sell to mega farms worldwide
The most common complaint of nutrition suppliers (additives mostly) is that they cannot get (easily) into large (mega) farms. It appears to them that such mega producers prefer to use simple nutrition programs without much in terms of added (modern) nutritional supplements. There are many reasons why such large operations prefer simple nutrition programs, and some are offered here for discussion.
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Larger genotypes not necessarily more efficient

A larger animal has larger maintenance needs that need to be taken into account when calculating efficiency.
Large parent animals produce large offspring that grow rapidly and efficiently. At least this is the general perception and it is true to a certain point. But it is not the whole truth, because the maintenance needs of large-framed animals are often ignored, or rather expected to be roughly the same across all genotypes, within a given species.
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Are you still fighting for the wrong cause?

If you find yourself asking this question, then the answer is probably yes.
Miracles happen, people change. But these two things have yet to materialize in the animal nutrition business in which I have been engaged in for the past 30 years, under any and all roles I have played. I write this blog having specific people in my mind, and they are not coming from just one company or even one continent, but these comments apply to all of us.
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First comes nutrition, then come additives

It is the fashion of modern nutrition to discuss additives, if only because there is a tremendous industry that supports them.
Nothing is wrong with feed additives. In fact, in the right hands, they can be used with tremendous efficiency, like proper tools for the right job. And, this is what additives are: tools for specific jobs, either to solve a problem or enhance a function.
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6 major nutrition problems in dairy cows

Dairy cattle nutritionists often encounter these common problems
No matter the region, production system or breed, dairy cattle appear to suffer from six very common problems related to the intensive conditions under which they are raised and kept throughout their productive lives.
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Global broiler hybrids require local feeds

Most producers use the generic dietary specifications provided generously by genetic houses, but these are not the last word on the subject.
Most producers use the generic dietary specifications provided generously by genetic houses, but these are not the last word on the subject.
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Now is the time to unload animal feed formulas

The advent and heavy marketing of additives in the past 20 years have left little formulation and margin space in most commercial feed formulas.
Additives, as they have emerged in the animal nutrition industry, continue to offer numerous advantages in terms of animal and feed performance.
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