News and analysis on the global poultry
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Animal Nutrition Views

Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., gives his views on poultry, pig and dairy nutrition based on his experience as a nutrition consultant with clients around the world.

Metabolic acidosis, a silent summer enemy

How to avoid a common but unrecognized animal nutrition issue that robs productivity during summer months.
Animals suffering from metabolic acidosis will reduce their feed intake. I believe this is a good enough reason to pay attention to this barely acknowledged (summer) disorder. 
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Piglet porridge, an undervalued tool

Widely known as gruel-feeding, a warm porridge of a suitably designed feed can help underprivileged piglets survive and thrive.
I have experienced firsthand the positive response of piglets (of any age) to a moist or semi-moist feed offered right after weaning.
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