Certainly the most unique item that I have seen on the show floor at the 2014 EuroTier in Hanover, Germany, has to be a vending machine for selling raw table eggs in cartons containing a half dozen or more eggs. The machine, offered by  automatisch-dh.de, is refrigerated and can be outfitted to take coins, paper bills or debit/credit cards.


I was pleased by the refrigeration for the machine, because the eggs I have seen in supermarkets on my trip have not been refrigerated and are stocked on store shelves along with relatively unperishable items like cereal and cookies. I knew that many eggs in Europe were sold unrefrigerated, but I still walked up and down the refrigerated dairy aisle in a grocery store in Holland twice before I thought to look on the end of a dry goods aisle. Old habits are certainly hard to break. Working several years in refrigerated meat plants has certainly made me hyper-sensitive about keeping perishable items cold. Room-temperature eggs would be hard for me to get used to.

Speaking of getting used to, this is the first trade show I have attended that had cattle breeds exhibited in the show hall. As I made my way through one of the halls exhibiting equipment for dairies, the flooring switched from carpet to wood chips. I thought it was a little odd until I realized there were real live dairy cows in the building. Definitely an interesting second day for me at EuroTier.