A colleague recently forwarded me a story about some really clever egg cartons which emphasize the “freshness” of the product. The Just Laid cartons have a tab which holds the top down, positioned so that it looks like an egg coming out of the cloaca of the hen. The graphics on each carton aren’t identical; there are a series of pictures which depict the hen going through the process of “pushing” the egg out while she looks back as though she is admiring her handiwork.

Springetts Brand Design Consultants developed the packaging as a “concept design” and it has not been commercially produced. Commenting on the Just Laid design, a Springetts spokesman said, “It has been successful in a number of design competitions that reward work of a conceptual nature.” To get the full effect, you really need to look at the series of pictures.

I realize that my sense of humor is a little off center, but I really love the design and the graphics and I think it could be a real hit with consumers. I can see where some might think that consumers would be turned off by the graphic depiction of where an egg really comes from, but I think it could work, particularly for a cage-free or free-range brand where the consumer is supposed to be interested in where their eggs come from.