Prior to 2021, the only year in the past few decades that I haven’t been in Atlanta the last week in January for the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) was in 2019 when Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl and bumped the show to February. As I logged into IPPE Marketplace on Monday morning, I thought of the contrast between the in-person experience of driving to Atlanta for a week of meetings, conferences and client visits with what I would experience sitting in my home office this week.

After a few hours of viewing video TECHTalks and Innovation Station/New Product Showcase information, I started to get that IPPE feeling. That feeling that comes with a new year, new ideas and new solutions. To paraphrase the singer James Taylor, I was going to Atlanta in my mind. Monday featured presentations at the International Poultry Scientific Forum, which continues on Tuesday. Because Atlanta is the place to be this week, even if only virtually, the Untied Egg Producers held their committee briefings and meetings virtually on Monday afternoon on the same schedule and with the same format as usual.

Just like every IPPE, you won’t have time this week to see everything there is at IPPE Marketplace. As in years past, WATT Global Media will publish IPPE Daily Briefings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to present the highlights of what our poultry and feed reporters and editors experience at the show. You can also view our coverage of IPPE Marketplace on our website.

We are all looking forward to a day soon when we can gather in-person to exchange ideas, renew acquaintances and conduct business as we have grown accustomed to doing. But, I encourage you to register for free and spend some time at the IPPE Marketplace this week, because Atlanta is still the place to be this week, even if we are only “going to Atlanta in our minds.”