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Food Safety and Processing Perspective

Terrence O’Keefe, WATT’s content director, provides his perspective on everything from animal agriculture trends that impact our food chain to food-safety related issues affecting chicken and egg production. O’Keefe has covered the poultry industry as an editor for more than a decade and also brings his experience in plant management and poultry production to comment on today’s issues.

Just Laid egg carton design concept a winner in my book

A colleaguerecently forwarded me a story about some really clever egg cartons whichemphasize the “freshness” of the product. The “Just Laid” cartons have a tabwhich holds the top down positioned so that it looks like an egg coming out ofthe cloaca of the hen. The graphics on each carton aren’t identical; there area series of pictures which depict the hen going through the process of“pushing” the egg out while she looks back as though she is admiring herhandiwork.
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Keeping things in proper perspective when Mother Nature strikes

I think that the Thanksgiving holiday, which is celebrated this week in the U.S., is a time for gathering with friends and family and offering thanks not just for the bountiful harvest that our year of labor and toil have wrought from the earth, but also for the love and friendship of our family, friends and all of the other people who have crossed our path and helped to lighten our load.
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German animal rights activist says food is too cheap

SabineHartmann, D.V.M., director of animal friendly product management,  Vier Pfoten International (Four paws International)correctly told the audience at EuroTier’s Poultry Forum in Hannover, Germany, thatthe price for food has risen at less than the rate of inflation. She said thatthe relative improvement in the affordability of food has actually been a badthing.
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