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Food Safety and Processing Perspective

Terrence O’Keefe, WATT’s content director, provides his perspective on everything from animal agriculture trends that impact our food chain to food-safety related issues affecting chicken and egg production. O’Keefe has covered the poultry industry as an editor for more than a decade and also brings his experience in plant management and poultry production to comment on today’s issues.

Flawed petition asks Starbucks to only buy ‘cage-free’ eggs

A petition postedby the humane league on the website calling for Starbucks to sourceonly eggs from cage-free hens shows a lack of understanding of how hens arehoused in the U.S. and in Europe. At first I was just going to laugh thisonline petition off, but then I realized that the millions of people who couldbe persuaded to shell out $5 for a cup of bitter coffee would probably includea fair number of folks who would believe the misstatements in the petition, soI thought some comment was merited.
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Undercover animal rights activists bothered by hard work, not deceit

I would havea really hard time lying about who I was, my work history and why I aminterested in working on a livestock or poultry farm or processing facility. Itjust isn’t in my makeup, even as a kid, I was never a good liar. So, I was alittle surprised that when two veteran animal rights undercover video activiststold the audience at Farm Animal Rights’ NationalAnimal Rights Conference this summer about their “exploits” they didn’tmention any stress or strain to their consciences brought about by theirdeception, instead they complained about the hard work on the farm.
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CSES egg layer housing research answers and raises questions

The initialfindings report for the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply was releasedrecently and it presents preliminary results for some of the measurements takenfrom the two flock study. The research tracts animal well-being, environmental,food safety, worker safety and affordability measurements for eggs produced fromhens housed in conventional cages, enriched colonies and aviaries on acommercial farm. This three year project will provide a comparison of thesethree housing alternatives for hens in these five areas of sustainability usingthe best available science to measure indicators such as ammonia concentrationin the house, feather condition, egg production and a myriad of others.
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