I am very disappointed in the job Congress is doing. Perhaps fed up is a more accurate feeling.  And, apparently, I am in the vocal majority.

Congressional job approval is at an all-time low. According to a Real Clear Politics average of major polls, less than 13% of voters approve of Congress’s job performance. That average represents nearly 40 national polls conducted since the beginning of the year. Included are all the biggies like CBS News, NY Times, Associated Press, Gallup and Fox NewsCheck it out for yourself at the RCP website.

Former Congressman Charles Stenholm drew laughter recently from ag leaders when he stated that, in all his 2011 travels, he has yet to find one in the 13% group who feels Congress is doing a good job. He said, “Last year our political system was bent. This year it is broken.”

There is a story circulating on the Internet, attributed to financial wizard Warren Buffett in an interview by CNBC, offering several suggestions on ways to fix Congress. The article checks out as true. Buffett’s suggestions include:

  1. Members of Congress should only collect a salary when they are in office, not after they leave.
  2. Senators and Representatives must participate in Social Security and their funds transferred accordingly.
  3. Congress should purchase their own retirement plans, just as other Americans do.
  4. Congress will no longer vote members a pay raise. It will be tied to the CPI or 3% whichever is lower.
  5. Their current health care system would be terminated and they must participate in the same health care system as other Americans.
  6. Congress must abide by all the laws they impose on the American people.
  7. All past and present contracts with Members of Congress are void on 1/1/12.

Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew our representatives had pulled off some of the shenanigans addressed above. If you had one recommendation to fix our broken political system, what would it be? I’ve begun a list. Let me hear yours.