The concept of agricultural cooperatives -- farmers pooling their resources for maximum gain -- is far from a new concept; however, this strategy can be identified as an emerging trend influencing feed production the world over. In fact, such cooperatives account for the largest feed producers in many countries.

The success of these co-ops becomes evident when reviewing Feed International’s “World’s Top Feed Companies” report, the October/November issue’s cover story. The data used to develop the 97-company listing was drawn from WATT Global Media’s exclusive Top Feed Companies database and features the leading compound feed manufacturers. The companies and cooperatives featured produced 1 million metric tons or more in 2013.

According to WATT Research, seven of the top 30 compound feed manufacturers in 2013 are listed as farmer-owned cooperatives -- even if the companies are commercial enterprises that were created by the cooperative. Many of these cooperatives can be found in Asia -- China in particular -- but the United States has also very successfully leveraged this model.

Data collection is a cooperative effort

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