News and analysis on the global poultry
and animal feed industries.

Animal Feed for Thought

Jackie Roembke, editor of Feed Strategy magazine, offers her perspective on happenings in the global feed and grain industries.

The state of Thailand’s feed industry

In April, I made my first trip to Bangkok to attend VICTAM Asia, this year’s largest Southeast Asia exhibition for animal feed production technology. During my visit, I had the opportunity to chat with representatives from the Thai Feed Mill Association (TFMA) about the critical issues facing Thai agriculture and its feed industry.
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Sustainability: a hot topic at VIV Europe

Sustainabilitywas a reoccurring theme among VIV Europe exhibitors at VNU’s “Meet the Press” event,held in Amsterdam in mid-February. Journalists serving the animal protein supplychain from feed to meat gathered at a series of venues to meet choice exhibitorsduring a “speed dating” session, which entailed two afternoons of rotating, informaldiscussions.
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Ukrainian conflict influences global grain, feed industries

In recent weeks, all eyes have been on Ukraine. Aside from the obvious concerns about world peace and conflict avoidance, the grain and feed industries have been watching closely with their own, more business-minded motivations. Namely, the implications conflict in the region would have on the grain trade, the cost of human, and, in turn, the cost of livestock feed the world over.
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