I wrote last week about the need to take care and I’m going to return to that theme today.

They say that you should never perform with children or animals, and whoever first said this should probably have added dictators to the list, as many a politician have found to their cost.

One player in the poultry industry, it would appear, has been involved with two out of the three, and the reaction has not been favourable. That poor unfortunate is the restaurant chain Nando’s.

No fairytale ending 

In the UK, Nando’s has been filling column inches because of a frog.

The press reports that a 32-year-old customer at a London branch of the chain found himself with something in his mouth that was just too tough to chew. On removing it, he was shocked to find that he had been biting into the leg of a four-inch frog.

On being spat out, it was found that the frog was still alive but, as if this were not bad enough, one of its legs was missing! The customer fears the worst!

A spokesperson for Nando’s has said that the company takes the incident extremely seriously and believes that the frog must have entered the chicken meal through salad. At least it wasn’t through the chicken!

Take care of the company you keep 

Nando’s in South Africa has been having a rather different problem and has had to withdraw a television advertisement that pokes fun at Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe as “the last dictator standing.”

The video shows a sad Mugabe lookalike along with characters playing Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, to name but a few. The commercial has been broadcast across Africa, however, Nando’s decided to pull the ad following death threats.

Where food is concerned, remember to take care and never perform with animals or dictators.