Engaging with customers means speaking their language, and this is exactly what Australian chicken restaurant chain Chicken Treat has been doing the past couple of weeks -- and it’s been paying dividends.

The subtleties of clucking are generally not perceived by the average human, but tweeting seems to generate ever greater engagement, at least with the younger generation who, I’m guessing, make up the majority of Chicken Treat’s customers.

The 100 outlook business, part of QSRH, has been featuring a tweeting chicken, and hopes to get into the Guinness Book of World Records via the first ever tweeting chicken.

You too can follow Betty, as the new face of the company is known, on Twitter at @ChickenTreat. Or, if you’d prefer to see Betty in action, you can watch her on YouTube.

Her YouTube postings have certainly generated comments, although I’m not sure those viewers who wrote that they hope that Betty does not end up in a burger are quite the viewers that the company may have wanted.  

But with more than 230,000 views so far, her videos certainly seems to have proven a hit with YouTube users.

Betty seems to tweet quite regularly, but I’m yet to be convinced I’ll follow her. Earlier today she tweeted: “ '' 9 9 Z ---- “, not the most inspirational tweet I’ve seen on the platform, but you never know what she might tweet next.