Chicken has a good reputation for being a versatile meat, yet I’ve rarely seen it referred to as the food of love.

But one young couple in the Philippines have been a little more adventurous with their approach to chicken -- turning chicken nuggets into a bouquet, and gaining thousands of likes on Twitter.

Nineteen-year-old Annika Auinaldo had already told Rico Villaneuva -- who has earned the moniker “best boyfriend in the world” for his romantic gesture -- that she was not overly keen on flowers and joked that he should give her a bouquet of chicken.  

The obliging young suitor listened and asked Annika to meet him, as he had a surprise for her. That surprise turned out to be a bouquet made out of chicken nuggets.

Happiest girl on the planet

Annika posted photographs of the gift on Twitter, tweeting: “I told him I didn’t like flowers, so he got a bouquet of chicken nuggets, and I pretty much became the happiest girl on the planet.”

Not only did Annika receive a gift of nuggets presented in the style of flowers, but her tweet has received more than 41,000 likes since late January, the story has been picked up by the press around the world, and McDonald’s Philippines invited the couple for a romantic meal.

While red roses, oysters, lobster and champagne may be more traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with being creative.

I am not convinced the young couple will have started a Valentine’s trend as the run-up to February 14th approaches, but quick-service restaurant managers out there should take note of the power of social media – it may be worth adding food bouquets to the menu!

And I have no idea whether the bouquet was delivered hot or cold, but the nuggets were reportedly eaten by Annika and Rico, along with a friend.