With celebrations fast approaching, World Egg Day 2018 looks at protein for life.

To be held on October 12, the industry’s global campaign will focus this year on the role that eggs play as a source of quality protein.

According to Julian Madeley, CEO of the organizing group, the World Egg Organization, 2018’s celebration will generate messaging highlighting specific benefits of egg consumption and this will aimed at key groups – before birth, during the early years of life, adulthood, and, later life.

Bringing the industry together and working through a range of communication channels, dedicated events and, particularly, through social media, the organizers hope to reach a bigger audience this year than at any time in the event’s 23 year history.

And for anyone still not quite sure about how to celebrate the day, or who may be lacking in inspiration, a pack is available with template press releases, key messages and egg facts from around the world, along with the World Egg Day logo has been made available by the organizers, along with a list of past events that may There’s also a list of events that may acts as models for this year.

Well-established history

Since starting over two decades ago, World Egg Day has continually grown in reach. Last year, for example, 40 countries participated in promoting the benefits of eggs, and the day’s activities are thought to have engaged an audience of over 230 million.

It is worth remembering that eggs can contribute to healthy fetal development, healthy brain development in young children, and tissue and bone repair – they’re not simply a quick and easy meal contained in shell!

In promoting the highest-quality protein available, and its benefits, it t may we worth remembering something that was said an awfully long time ago, almost 2,500 years, in fact, but “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be they food”. Where eggs are concerned, this still holds true today.