Compliments of the season to all of our readers and contributors, and many thanks for your support throughout the past year.

Over the Christmas celebrations, turkeys, chickens and geese tend to take center stage on many a festive table as Christmas is celebrated. Eggs are not so much in the spotlight and have to wait a few months until Easter before their turn comes.

But walking the supermarket aisles the other day, I spied a few eggs trying to gain their share of the Christmas market -- all dressed up and ready to go.

Sold in transparent boxes, dyed and decorated for Christmas, they certainly stood out and may bring a little extra festive cheer to kitchens over the coming celebrations.

The Christmas Star, carried by these celebratory eggs, is laden with meaning, and shooting stars are often seen as lucky, so as we end the year with the symbol of the star, let us hope that it is a portent of good things to come in 2019.