Vitamin D, or the “sunshine vitamin” can be in short supply during grey winter months. However, leading U.K. egg company Noble Foods is bringing a little sunshine into the lives of U.K. consumers though a television advertising campaign highlighting the role that its branded Happy Eggs can play in increasing vitamin D intake.

The Happy Egg Co. television campaign explains to viewers that they cannot always rely on the British weather to supply their recommended daily vitamin D intake.

Noble notes that one in five adults in the U.K. are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, and that many don’t know the benefits that vitamin D provides, from maintaining healthy bones and teeth to keeping the immune system healthy.

Noble explains that its free-range hens are fed on a diet rich in vitamin D and that just two large Happy Eggs provide 95% of the recommended daily vitamin D intake.

The company continues that, between October and April, people in the U.K. do not absorb enough vitamin D from sunlight, so it is important to get it from another source.

Universal message

It is worth remembering that vitamin D deficiency is not simply limited to those living in countries where sunshine may be in short supply. Vitamin D deficiency can also occur in those living in sunnier climes, but that tend to avoid direct exposure to the sun, or whose lifestyles see them move from home, to car, to office, spending minimal amounts of time in direct sunlight.

The ad campaign is running over 10 weeks and is partnering with popular breakfast time programs to reach key audiences at the start of the day.

Ten different versions of the 10 second advertisement – called Stay Sunny – have been produced, all with a distinctive yellow branding. This is the first time that Noble’s Happy Egg brand has been advertised on screen since 2017 and while the campaign may be aimed at U.K. consumers it’s message is universal – eating eggs can help us all to Stay Sunny!