How to stand out from the crowd? Online that’s not easy, there is simply so much competition, and for a product that is as everyday as an egg, the job becomes even harder.

I have just come out a webinar in which an egg box was shown that had been designed and labelled with aim of raising money for charity. The packaging was certainly eye-catching, but I am not convinced that it was in the best possible taste.

And so to something else that has caught my eye this week – a new short film The Oval Eggspedition released by genetics company H&N International. A little long, and perhaps overly dramatic, but the opening shots took my breath way.

H&N claims to offer customers the best eggshell strength on the market and, to help communicate that message, the company teamed up with science photographer Stefan Diller.

Diller has been working as a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) photographer for 30 years and, according to H&N, he finds inspiration anywhere, even in the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag!

Journey to the surface

The technology that Diller uses, however, is far from mundane. SEMs, unlike conventional microscopes, use electron beams to scan surfaces. Since electrons travel on a shorter wavelength than visible light, high-end SEMs can visualize down to 0.5 nanometers, as opposed to the 200 nanometers of common light microscopes.

H&N notes that its brief for Diller was to “visualize the perfect product packaging of quality eggs in a new unforgettable way.”

Diller has certainly achieved this, revealing the surface of an eggshell with an enormous amount of detail.

At the start of the short film the narrator announced that “No one has ever seen these images before”. He may well but right. Certainly, the film left an impression on me. I would be curious to know if it does on you.