They say that the egg industry is full of innovation, and I may have found an example of just that, but equally I may have led a rather sheltered life and have been missing the flow in new product launches. Whatever the case, I rather like the sound of a new product launch in the U.K. said to be a world's first

U.K. sausage company Heck has launched a couple of new table sauces, one is Eggchup, while the other is Beanchup. I’ve never been a fan of baked beans, so let’s leave Beanchup off the table, but I do eat rather a lot of eggs.

Eggchup has been designed to drizzle over sausage or bacon sandwiches or over a full English breakfast, and Heck, founded in 2013 and now the biggest independent sausage brand in the U.K., hopes that it will be entering stores soon. 

The brains behind the condiment is Calum Smith, a development chef for the brand, who has been overwhelmed by the responses from the Secret Sausage Society, the company’s tasting group. He recounts that they were tough critics, and that creating this new “flavor bomb” resulted in a few sleepless nights!

Apparently, adding the sauces makes a sandwich feel like a full English breakfast, without the hassle of frying an egg or heating up beans.

The sauce’s development was timed to coincide with the launch of a new breakfast sausage from the company, which is now being stocked by a number of major U.K. retailers.

What the Heck!

Reactions to the product have been mixed. Some on Facebook, for example, have enthused about Eggchup, saying that they could not wait to try it, while others have not welcomed the idea at all! 

Eggchup would appear to be simplicity itself, and simplicity and innovation are often said to go hand in hand. What’s in the Eggchup squeezy bottle? Nothing more than egg yolk and salt. What the Heck!