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EU’s poultry producers may need to count their blessings

The European Union’s poultry producers can expect only weak growth over the decade ahead, but at least they will be doing better than their counterparts in the pork and beef industries.

Growth in the European Union’s poultry sector over the next decade will be sluggish at best, but the sector will still outperform pork and beef production.

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Will avian influenza reach Brazil?

Country faces period of greatest bird migration as more neighboring countries record outbreaks

Brazil’s sanitary status as free from avian influenza looks to be increasingly to risk as neighboring countries report a return of the virus.

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Will the UK egg market be investigated?

It has been a long year for U.K. egg producers with calls for support too often falling on deaf ears. Now their case may he heard.

The U.K. government is being called on to investigate how the market for eggs operates and offer support, as retailers finally up their help to a struggling industry.

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Positive atmosphere flourishes at EuroTier 2022

Weather conditions at this year’s EuroTier were far from hospitable, just the opposite to atmosphere in the show halls.

With a focus on sustainability and welfare, the center of attention at this year’s EuroTier was firmly inside the show halls and not with the protestors at the showground entrance.

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EU to consider ban on culling male layer chicks

What started as an initiative in France and Germany could now be applied not only across the European Union and its impact could be felt further afield.

Adopting the measure would help those Member States that have ended the practice to not be put at a disadvantage when competing with those producers that continue to the practice.

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