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Poultry Around the World

Mark Clements' view of the world poultry industry with a British twist.

Triple-yolked egg in media spotlight

For those of you who are regular readers of this column, you will know that I like the unusual, whether it be Romulus and Remus, the two ducklings that hatched from one egg, or the woman that had so many double-yolked eggs, she could hardly contain her excitement.
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How to cook the perfect boiled egg

The “Eggsperiment” was commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry and led by Professor Hal Sosabowski, principal lecturer in chemistry at Brighton University, and a team of 12 girls confirmed not only the optimum time for boiling an egg, but also the key variables that make up the perfect dipping soldier.
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Smart to invest in egg industry?

Despite ongoing spats between Europe’s egg producers, and a total lack of clarity as to what will happen come January 2012 when the cage ban will come into force (or won’t depending on where you are!), egg production still looks like a pretty safe bet. It is often said that you can make money as easily in a downturn as you can in a growing market, and as many economies are expected to start contracting again, now could be the right time to invest in the egg industry.
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Small-scale UK poultry producer wins silver and gold awards

The 36-year-old Paul Sykes, founder of Paul’s Poultry and Game, in Coleshill, Swindon, won a gold award for his hand-crafted venison and mushroom pie and a silver award for his chicken and mushroom pie in the recent Taste of the West Awards. Taste of the West is a regional food and drink trade organization for the Southwest of England that organizes, amongst other things, an annual awards program.  
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More funding for Campylobacter research

The UK has made GBP 4 million (US$6.4 million) available to find out more about Campylobacter, which causes over 300,000 cases of food poisoning a year in England and Wales and is thought to cost the country’s economy up to GBP 600 million annually. 
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Ugandan poultry industry to benefit from new Newcastle disease vaccine

The launch of a new thermo-stable Newcastle disease vaccine by Brentec Vaccines Ltd in Uganda was supported by the Uganda Industrial Research Institute. The vaccine remains stable for three days after reconstitution, and the government believes that it will help the rural population and aid in the country’s efforts toward industrialization.
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Standing out from the crowd in the egg market

Clonarn Clover was established some 18 years ago with 150 free-range hens. The company now has over 100,000 layers and introduced white eggs to Ireland earlier this year. As well as free-range eggs, it also sells what it calls a Mega Egg – enriched with omega-3, vitamin E, and organic selenium and organic eggs.  
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The future of poultry production

Arhat Abzhanov developed a gel bead full of proteins that genetically modifies chicken beaks into alligator-type snouts. In the long term, reports New Scientist, Abzhanov dreams of turning chickens back into Maniraptora – small dinosaurs thought to have given rise to the 10,000 species of birds that exist today.
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