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Mark Clements' view of the world poultry industry with a British twist.

UK parliament becomes irrational over eggs

The UK House of Commons decided that use of fresh eggs in omelets and some other egg based dishes served to members of parliament should be banned, due to the risk of Salmonella. Understandably, the decision caught the eye of the national press and stuck in throats of the country’s egg producers. 
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Does poultry meat’s image need to go back to basics?

For decades, marketing books have looked at the best way to engage with consumers. Producers say that consumers need to be better informed about how their food is produced and offering some suggestions as to why they are not more enlightened, while consumers argue that producers and regulators need to be more transparent.
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European court action over conventional cage ban – will justice be done?

The European cage ban rarely features in the headlines these days, but this does not mean that egg production is harmonized across the bloc’s Member States. The behavior of Greece and Italy, among others, has caused a few headaches for the European Commission and the European egg industry, and resulted in the issuance of guidance, but now the case of the two countries is being handed up to the European Court of Justice.
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Tesco’s UK chicken feed policy reversal

On April 11, supermarket chain Tesco issued an “Update on poultry feed,” revealing that it had removed its genetically modified-free guarantee for poultry and eggs. "We are not the first UK supermarket to reach the conclusion that a non-genetically modified policy on poultry feed is unsustainable, and we won’t be the last," the update said.
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