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How did medieval monks eat their eggs?

Eggs were useful for fast days – they are neither meat, fish, nor fowl and so there were no restrictions on eating them for medieval worshippers. And while the way that we eat eggs may have changed the value and versatility of the egg has not, and thankfully, few in world are going to accuse of gluttony or of indulging in physical pleasure if we do more than boil them. 
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Looking back and looking forward in the poultry industry

There has certainly been change in the poultry industry, be it in genetics, management, consumption levels or international trade. Predicting the future can surprisingly worthwhile, and Poultry International will be taking a look both backwards and forwards as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.
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How big is the poultry industry’s role in antimicrobial resistance?

My last post before Christmas was about antimicrobial resistance and how too much blame is attributed to agriculture, and I am going to return to that topic today. And I will mention again, that being allergic to many antibiotics, I have nothing to gain through blindly supporting agricultural use of antibiotics — I certainly want as many options left for me as possible.  
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Options, moderation keys in antibiotics and poultry production

I always think that far too much of the blame is laid at the feet of agriculture where antimicrobial resistance is concerned. Not that I am arguing that animal producers and veterinarians are saints and angels, but I think that they are seen as being far easier targets than the average consumer or medical doctor.
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Poultry restaurant chain slips up with amphibians, dictators

The press reports that a 32-year-old customer at a London branch of Nando’s found himself biting into the leg of a four-inch frog. Nando’s in South Africa has been having a rather different problem and had to withdraw a television advertisement that pokes fun at Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe as “the last dictator standing.” 
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Failure to take care can cost poultry industry

Of course, most of the time, the results that appear from an internet search cover recipes, or the health benefits of eggs and sometimes there is the unusual or quirky story. I remember a few years ago reading about a man in a UK processing plant that had been killed when frozen birds fell on him, and today I came across a report from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.
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Communication and conflict resolution in the poultry industry

I have not followed the conflict long enough or closely enough to know who is right or who is wrong in the dispute at Australia’s largest poultry producer Baiada, or indeed how much discussion there has actually been to find common ground, but what I have seen is that an awful lot of negative publicity is being generated there and, I would image, growing ill-will.
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Netherlands to ban kosher and halal poultry slaughter?

Traditional kosher and halal slaughter, including poultry, may become illegal in the Netherlands under legislation due to be adopted before the end of the year, reports the BBC. This would not mean that halal and kosher meat would no longer be available, but simply that animals could not be slaughtered according to halal or kosher rules, and that they must be stunned prior to slaughter.  
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Triple-yolked egg in media spotlight

For those of you who are regular readers of this column, you will know that I like the unusual, whether it be Romulus and Remus, the two ducklings that hatched from one egg, or the woman that had so many double-yolked eggs, she could hardly contain her excitement.
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