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Addressing the basics in broiler production

Earlier this year, the Poultry Science Association issued a press release detailing work carried out by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension that looked at how simple changes and reviews could save broiler producers money. Among the recommendations were that in order to reduce electrical usage, fans, shutters and screens should be kept clean, as this helps to reduce the static pressure that fans are working against. 
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Vietnam records success against avian influenza

Species-jumping pathogens pose special dangers to people because the human immune system may not be equipped to deal with them, and while Egypt may have reported another human death due to avian influenza this month, Vietnam, it would seem, is making headway in bringing animal diseases under control.  
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Weak economy increases poultry company takeovers

The competition commission in Brazil may not think so with regard to Brasil Foods -- the food giant created at the height of the financial crisis but now might be facing the prospect of being slimmed down. However, in the Northern Hemisphere, a new report suggests that one in seven companies in the poultry industry could change hands as a result of the economic climate.  
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Research shows need for poultry safety education

With the E. coli outbreak in Europe still making headlines, the UK’s Food Safety Week has proved to be timely to say the least. The research leading up to Food Safety Week showed that most study participants were aware of good hygiene in the kitchen, but can still fall foul of some common misconceptions around food safety.  
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Initiative against disease could help poultry industry’s profits, save lives

At the end of May, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the FAO and the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology to study species-swapping diseases that can move back and forth between wild animals and domestic livestock and, in some cases, jump to humans. A key goal of the partnership is to determine which agroecological landscapes represent the greatest risk for disease transmission among humans, livestock and animal populations.  
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Poultry company's laboratory expansion a success story

It was nice to be involved in a celebration on Friday, and to attend the opening of Aviagen’s extension to its veterinary laboratory facility in Edinburgh, UK. Graeme Dear, Aviagen general manager, welcomed the assembled guests to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which saw guests from the Scottish Executive, the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, and the design and build teams.  
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Good housekeeping and the feed industry at Victam

At the IFF Feed Processing Conference, held as part of Victam 2011, Richard Oldman of Anitox, looked at a topic that is important to each and every one of us and that, in a time of rising input costs, is particularly relevant to the feed industry. Looking particularly at energy demands in the pelleting of feed, he noted that saving energy was essential.
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