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Brazilian egg exports find new life

Shipments ascending to pre-pandemic levels in 2021

Brazil may be better known for its broiler exports than its overseas egg sales but, as Easter approaches, I thought that it might be worth taking a look at how many eggs the country sells overseas.

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Hemp to be approved for layer feed in the US?

Laying hen feed could be about to join the trend for hemp products, perhaps changing the meaning of happy hens.
Could layer hens in the U.S. soon be tucking into a diet of hempseed meal and cake? They will be if a submission to have hemp approved as a feed ingredient in the country is successful.
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Lab-grown fat coming to a menu near you?

Affordable, laboratory grown fat, may make meat alternative products all the more palatable if a London start-up can deliver.
Laboratory grown fat is product of choice for start-up company Hoxton Farms, which aims to bring to alternative fat to the alternative meat market
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How you can organize farm visits in a time of lockdowns

COVID-19 does not mean an end to opening broiler and egg farms to the public, but a little more creativity and organization are needed to show consumers where their food comes from.
Engaging with the public – even in times of lockdown – can benefit poultry and other food producers, and a U.K. charity is showing us how.
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