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Vegan butcher's shop opens in London

Mocked by some as nothing more than a green grocer, London’s first permanent vegan butcher sells out on opening day
Purveyor of mock meat, the UK's first permanent vegan butcher has opened in London and has drawn in the crowds.
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How COVID-19 will transform the poultry industry

Poultry producers are successfully tackling challenges COVID-19 challenges, but the industry that emerges post-pandemic will be very different to the one we know today.
The poultry industry is transforming to the new realities posed by COVID-19 and becoming more technologically advanced, automated and secure.
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How clean is your poultry processing plant?

Study establishes Salmonella persistence on processing equipment even after sanitation
Even with strict adherence to cleaning and sanitation protocols, Salmonella enterica may be surviving in poultry processing plants presenting a risk of cross contamination.
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Could CO2 become sustainable protein for poultry feed?

While an industry and academia consortium in the UK won’t be conjuring poultry feed out of thin air, it will be fermenting it.
Carbon dioxide (CO2), the greatest contributor to climate change, has a bad name in environmental circles but the chemical compound may be about to take on a whole new reputation – at least where poultry and fish nutrition are concerned.
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Are meat eaters happier?

Avoiding meat may not be the best choice for maintaining mental health
A review of scientific literature on meat consumption and mental health has thrown up some interesting results.
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