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Simple food label change to have big impact

A simplification to the date labeling of food could lead to big savings for producers, consumers and the planet.
A change to date labeling on poultry and other foods could reduce food waste and offer savings for industry and consumers alike.
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six white eggs in carton

Get ready for World Egg Day

From church to checkout, World Egg Day offers opportunities galore
World Egg is coming around again, offering the opportunity to celebrate egg production and egg consumption and its associated benefits around the world.
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Using your face to buy chicken

Facial recognition technology removes need for cash at new KPRO by KFC in China
Facial recognition software removes need for cash in new Chinese chicken restaurant launched by Yum brands.
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China trade

Might China be the rising star of animal welfare?

Rising incomes and changing attitudes are leading to more interest in welfare
As interest in animal welfare in China grows, poultry and other livestock producers are responding, winning international recognition for their welfare practices. Will China emerge as a champion of farm animal welfare?
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Why consumers buy cage-free eggs may surprise you

Consumers view free-range and cage-free eggs as more nutritious and safer and are less concerned by the hen’s welfare than may have been thought.
A small Australian survey has found that consumers that buy free-range eggs are not solely motivated by hen welfare, but see positive benefits accruing to themselves though buying "happy eggs."
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Do poultry producers know the Truth About Food?

Online resource can help food producers tackle consumer myths and misconceptions
A new online resource detailing consumer misconceptions about food sought from 11 countries offers poultry producers insight and arguments to explain the realities of modern food production.
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Could cutting waste feed the world, or should poultry be taxed?

The amount of food wasted each year is staggering. Would a tax on poultry and other meats raise meat’s value, encourage efficiency and protect the environment?
The amount of food wasted each year needs area larger than China to be produced, meaning that food producers, including the poultry industry, must find ways to be more efficient in meeting the rising demand for animal protein.
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