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Better cuticles may make for better eggs

Cuticles are under the microscope at the Roslin Institute, where a research team is looking is hoping to improve their protective capacity
Research work into cuticle quality could lead to egg shells offering better protection, benefiting food safety and hatching chicks.
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Can poultry survive the rise of alternative proteins?

The sci-fi food of the future may not be so very far away. How can chicken and other meat producers thrive faced with this potentially efficient and nutritious alternative?
Lab grown meat and other alternatives present threats to chicken and other meat producers, but they may also offer opportunities.
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Tyson Foods animal welfare

Why business cares about farm animal welfare

Good animal welfare practices can mitigate risk and offer competitive advantages but, looking further ahead, they may help to fend off competition from rival protein sources.
The latest edition of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare reveals concern for animal welfare spreading throughout the food industry, offering insight as to why interest continues to grow.
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IKEA chicken welfare move falls flat with CIWF

Swedish retailer’s decision to follow its own welfare path deemed retrograde
The flat pack furniture retailer's abandonment of its Good Chicken Award, despite Compassion in World Farming supplying ongoing instructions, has been described as extremely disappointing.
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US poultry

Which will be 2018’s key food drivers?

Poultry and egg producers are already responding to a number of drivers forecast to influence the wider food industry next year, but what will be the other key trends?
20118's key food drivers will impact the chicken and egg sectors to varying degrees, as consumers exert more influence over what poultry companies bring to market.
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Will eggs be a new source of cancer drugs?

Scientists in Japan have genetically modified chickens to lay eggs containing drugs that have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of cancer treatments
Researchers in Japan have successfully modified chickens to produce eggs with consistent amounts of beta interferon protein.
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Simple food label change to have big impact

A simplification to the date labeling of food could lead to big savings for producers, consumers and the planet.
A change to date labeling on poultry and other foods could reduce food waste and offer savings for industry and consumers alike.
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six white eggs in carton

Get ready for World Egg Day

From church to checkout, World Egg Day offers opportunities galore
World Egg is coming around again, offering the opportunity to celebrate egg production and egg consumption and its associated benefits around the world.
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