For years, we have been hearing about Brazil, Russia, India and China as the new triggers of the global economy. But life is a lottery: today, you win; tomorrow, who knows?

In recent days, international media, including The New York Times, Foreign Affairs and The Economist, surprised the public when discussing the future dominant economic power of the 21st century, which could displace BRIC, is Mexico. Did you raise your eyebrows when reading this? So did I.

The point is that international analysts say Mexico has several factors that have strengthened its position. One of them is that Mexico has signed 44 free trade agreements - more than any other country in the world. For reference, that is twice as many as China and four times more than Brazil. Everyone will wonder, "What about the violence and organized crime?" Yes, it is still a problem, but as Thomas L. Friedman said, "That's half the story." The other half is the globalization of Mexican companies, technological development and growth of 3.9 percent last year, among others.

Speaking now of poultry and considering the circumstances, it is bad timing for the avian influenza outbreak to show up (although, in reality, for this disease, all times are bad). Just when conditions start to be good for being a serious poultry products-exporting country, we woke up to see the reality. For now, there are no export possibilities, and perhaps it will take a long time for that to happen.

Let us take advantage of the opportunity of this situation: hard work toward eradicating the disease, streamline processes, strengthen biosecurity, put aside the harmful political overtones, rumors, irresponsible behavior, etc. The Mexican poultry industry has to jump on the bandwagon of development of the country before we are left behind.

"There is no doubt that there is a constellation of positive factors acting in favor of Mexico, as we have not seen in decades," said analyst Andrés Oppenheimer. "To do this, Mexicans will have to start to believe it themselves, that it is the time for Mexico." I think it also has to be the time for the national poultry industry.