I commented a while ago that the Brazilian poultry industry is unstoppable. And the proof is in the pudding: JBS/Pilgrim's Pride. A few days ago, in mid-July, JBS announced the purchase of the assets of Céu Azul in its native Brazil. This acquisition is an important step in the strategy of JBS Foods to increase its presence in key international markets, and strengthen its position in its largest consumer center, which is Brazil itself.

But on July 28, 2014, we woke to the news that JBS and its subsidiary Pilgrim's Pride bought Tyson Foods' operations in Mexico and Brazil, again, in line with the strategy of increasing their presence in international markets and in their country. I will not mention the obvious consolidation of this meat emporium -- JBS -- in the world in general. I would like to direct the spotlight to Mexico. Although Bachoco remains the leader in Mexico with an estimated 503 million chickens a year, according to our database, with this purchase, Pilgrim's Pride will be consolidated as the second-largest producer of in Mexico with little more than 400 million chickens a year and nipping Bachoco’s heels. And in the top 10 in Latin America, JBS will still rank second, but away from Bachoco.

Chicken imports from Brazil in Mexico so far have not been of great importance, but Brazilians are gaining tremendous ground in the Mexican poultry industry by producing within the country.

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