I just read an article in the New York Times about the use of the latest technology in agricultural production. From using animals for plowing, we went to tractors with GPS and apps on the iPhone that help us to control several aspects, such as irrigation, fertilizer application, checking the weather, etc. Although they are terms we already know, they still are impressive: Satellites, drones, GPS or cloud computing.


While in poultry production we use lots of information technology, equipment with sensors, feed formulation software and other forms of technology, apparently the industry still needs to further expand its use in decision-making. That is, we need to integrate information and perhaps expand the use of other types of equipment. Could we use drones in poultry farms to detect diseases early? Maybe I'm just fantasizing.


The use of more technology involves greater specialization and production of one single product. Somehow already the poultry industry does. It also facilitates production, but it means constant reading of data, even by the seconds, and the use of cloud computing. No Internet connection at the farm? You can always use iPads or other wireless technology tablets that later could send information to computers that will begin to analyze data immediately. But this must be done quickly and not wait until the report comes out a month later.


Technology is now about multiplying the information, integrating it and making the best use of data analysis to make decisions and to increase profitability, efficiency and return on investment.


It seems that growth will come at the expense of those who do not accept new technologies. Will it?


Next month, we will discuss this issue in Industria Avícola. Be sure to read the article!