It was just announced that McDonald's profits fell by 33 percent. Revenues decreased to $5.96 billion dollars. The world's largest fast food chain reported that its quarterly revenue fell by 11 percent. And this whole downfall happens just when the company is emerging from food safety scandals in Asia and facing strong and innovative competition in its own country.

Global sales at newly opened restaurants also fell by 2.3 percent and under-performing restaurants are being closed. Who would have thought this 20 years ago? Closing a McDonald's? Unheard of!

Though some changes have been made to the menu to include healthier options in an effort to counteract the bad stigma of fried foods full of fat and high caloric content, these well-meaning efforts have not helped much.

For several years now, chicken has been included in the menus, but they are the same offerings as always: breaded chicken patties and nuggets. I insist on my views: there is a lack of creativity from food technologists (and perhaps marketing specialists). Could it be that there is nothing else out there?

I think McDonald's needs a radical change, including its menu. The menu should include more chicken offerings presented in healthier and tastier ways. The growth in meat consumption currently all over the world is in chicken followed by fish and seafood products. And let’s not forget about eggs. Are they only for breakfast? Come on! There have to be more options. Including healthy options for customers doesn't just mean putting green lettuce leaves available to the customer.

It's time to create, to innovate, to reinvent. Dare! Don't you think so?