A quick search of Bachoco on www.wattagnet.com will result in only good news from the company in recent months. A growing domestic market, higher profits, a view to expansion to other countries and shopping for acquisitions, to name just a few accomplishments.

A few days ago Bachoco announced the purchase of assets from Morris Hatchery in the state of Georgia, thus consolidating its presence in the US market. In addition, in an enlightened way, the company strengthens the possible supply of its own market in Mexico.

Previously called the JBS of the North, it is still far from reaching the Brazilian giant’s status, but I praise the strategy which may one day help Bachoco attain that level. Though purchases have been on a smaller scale, they are very well thought out and I have the impression that, before we know it, Bachoco will continue its growth boom to impressive levels.

Moreover, the domestic market in Mexico is well covered with plans for expansion and it’s worth noting that Bachoco is a multi-protein company offering chicken, eggs and pork.

Although Bachoco already ranks in the world's top ten, these smart business decisions will catapult it into leadership levels. Latin America is stomping the competition on global poultry leadership.